Artist’s Statement

I’ve learned a lot about clay in the past 30 years as a career studio potter and educator of potters and enthusiasts of all ages. My days are filled with exploration, learning and ever changing as an owner of a business that produces and teaches pottery making.  I find that the process of working with the clays malleable nature, the adding of textures and the beauty of the basic form to be energizing. The whole process continues to provide an outlet for my deep feelings for nature, the environment, and human interaction.  My ceramic work is defined directly by my love for the natural forms and symbols made by God and or man that are always finding their way into my work.

MY current work is created using the potter’s wheel, hand building, simple slump-molds, and various combinations of all of these processes. I have created a few lines of original design hand stamped pottery with various themes. The lines include the Herd of Buffalos, Raised Pinecone and branch, Celtic Knot work and Christian Inspirational themed. All work displayed varies due to where we are showing or selling. I have been moving towards including a more sculptural aspect and incorporating hand carved elements to enhance the classical forms that I have created on the potter’s wheel. I am working with mid to high fire porcelain and manufactured stoneware clay. Some of my glazes respond directly to the iron contained in the stoneware or, inversely, to the absence of iron in the porcelain. All works are bisque fired to cone 04 (1922°F) in an electric kiln and glaze fired to Δ6 (fired in oxidation).

The goal of my work, in addition to setting an impressive table, decorating homes and gardens, is to illuminate lives.   With simple forms that speak primarily about functionality and the intimacy gained through daily use. The life of a pot only becomes complete when it is used and so I strive to make work not for the shelf only but for the table. My garden wares provide not only adornment for the yard but a function for nature.  I am always trying new clays and glazes and firing techniques to improve the function and aesthetic of my work and to share with my students.