The Studio

Art Yard Studio is a great place to learn pottery and have fun at the same time.

Since opening in 1999, Artyard Studio has been providing a place where you and your children can explore many aspects of art and the creative process. We offer a variety of art classes from which one may select. We have two classrooms allowing for new classes and more studio time for both children and adults!

Workshop lessons do change from session to session. Since 1987, Thom has developed many projects that stimulate creative thinking as well as personal artistic growth. We encourage our students to help in developing project ideas that are explored by the group. In addition, the techniques learned and the friendships found will create a positive learning experience.

An artist and teacher, Thom has been bringing informative and enriching classes to artist of all ages for many years. His past teaching positions include a 12 year appointment at U.B.’s Creative Craft Center,past positions providing figure sculpture classes for Trinity Episcopal Church and clay classes for the Greater Buffalo Jewish Center. WDDSO. In addition, Thom acted as director of the Carnegie Art Center for 3 years, where he implemented and ran several successful art programs and brought many exciting gallery exhibits to the western New York area.Creating and Selling his work since the early eighties .  Founding his own studio, he has since used his first hand experience as a talented potter and sculptor to assist artists in creating quality art work. We would like to take the time to thank you for your interest in Artyard Studio. We hope you choose to join us for a class or two, making us part of your’s and your child’s enrichment activities.

All artworks not picked up during workshop time AYS is not responsible for. It must be picked up or finished in a timely manor no later than six weeks from last class. Also Clay and tools will become property of AYS.
~ Thank You ~

Your Friends at AYS